Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week 29

Parents left for a few weeks and alas, hubby's eye injury took a turn for the worse so he's back on MC and stuck at home alone.  Spent the week juggling work, errands and babysitting my two guys - the hubby and little one.  With 8 weeks to go before my maternity leave, there's suddenly so much to sort out beforehand.  If this even hints at a full-time mom's life, I could definitely use help at home!

My weekend routine lately: Quiet time over breakfast, catch up on reading, et al. Saturday: Prenatal pilates class, our hospital antenatal course (today's topic is breastfeeding!) and family dinner.  Sunday: Church and if there's time (or energy left), interview potential domestic helpers and shop for baby stuff - next up: Baby proof furniture as most of our stuff will be moved to my parent's place nearby. 

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