Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: What's playing at Watten

Watten Estate lies between home and B's school, so we've driven past countless times but hadn't explored till recently. If you venture beyond Bougainvillea Park which is a tad overgrown, the larger shady Watten Estate Park (off Hillcrest Road, near Greenwood Avenue cafes) is lovely BUT there's no toilet or wash area for the wee ones :(

A mom friend also told me about Shelford Road Playground, a hidden gem nearby (junction of Shelford and Watten State Road) that's perfect for tots:

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  1. Whoa! That looks very nice, I love to take Ana to outdoor playgrounds will check this out as well. Have you seen the Hooper road playground next to our house? It's small but in a nice green setting... let me know if you want to pass by sometime! Eva

    1. Oooh, not yet. We've gone to Pek Kio market and playground on the other site, nearer Farrer/Little India. Will go visit next time we're free!