Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving (and my birthday present!) came early

Week 39 is here and guess what? It's baby's Day 1! B arrived at 6:15am, November 13 2011 on a glorious Sunday morning. Measuring 3.15 kg weight, 53 cm length and 36.5 cm head circumference (that's 7 lbs, 21 inches, 14 inches for you Americans!), he's a beautiful long limbed, big headed baby boy :).

It's our last night (of peace) at the hospital and I'm taking this opportunity to update this blog while hubby rocks our just-breastfed-now-drowsy babe to sleep.

What a past 48 hours it's been--

Saturday, Nov 12:
930a - Mucus plug passed. The bloody show is here! Spotting throughout the morning.
11a - At our regular CTG scan, doc says "labour is imminent"
3-6p - Contractions increase in frequency and intensity, going from 20 mins apart to regular 5-1-1 (5 mins apart, lasting just about 1 min for 1 hour)
630p - After holding out as long as we can at home, we check in at the hospital delivery suite
7p - CTG scan confirms cervix is fully effaced, 3cm dilated, regular contractions every 4 mins
730p - Doc is informed and advises no dinner for me, only one hot drink aka Milo (note to self: EAT before going in next time!) before running an enema
10p - After 7 hours of contractions, I wimped out and asked for an epidural (in hindsight, this was a blessing, as my active labour lasted for a loooooong time)
1030p - Epidural hooked up. Why didn't I take this sooner?!
1110p - Doc breaks my water bag and finds some meconium staining.
1115p - Syntocinin (oxytocin) drip prescribed to help the contractions along just in case the baby is in distress due to the meconium

Sunday, Nov 13:
12-4a - I slooowly progress to the transition phase. Numbness sets in below my hips. Pheew. Meanwhile, hubby checks up on the pending Michigan-Illinois college football game
430a - 9 cm dilated. Almost there, nurses adjust the epidural and oxytocin levels so that I can feel more in preparation to start pushing
530a - Push! Push! Push! Phase 2 delivery starts
610a - Head is visible. Doc comes in with forceps to help get his (big!) head through
615a - He's here. Tears. Cries. Shaking. WOW.

Mom got stitched up. Babe got sent to the ICU for a few hours observation. Hubby chats with the pediatrician. Everything since has been one amazing ride.

Thank you all for the love and support. Let the (REAL) journey begin!

PS Do check my Facebook account for photos as I've removed them from the blog to maintain privacy.


  1. Congratulations, LiMei and Francis!
    Welcome to the world, Baby Bryan!


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